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An Ecological House 

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Many places offer a garden, but we can offer a house set amidst the silence of an entire forest; 1,100 hectares of trees and meadows, ecological architecture and contemporary creativity.

“Il Richiamo del Bosco” is a distinctly unusual b&b, set just 15 km from Parma in the heart of the "Boschi di Carrega" Park, where no more constructions will ever be erected because the entire area is protected and safeguarded against any manmade intervention.

We live in a home designed to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. It was built in keeping with the highest sustainability guidelines, with a philosophy wholeheartedly dedicated to respecting and living hand-in-hand with nature.

The walls that will play host to you are embraced by oaks, beeches, chestnuts and sessile oaks. The materials used for the furnishings continue this story, which is told using local wood and stone.

We have managed to achieve our original goal of creating continuity between the inside and the outside of the house, as if the rooms had no walls and each room becomes a consequence or effect of the location in which this dream has come true.

Our neighbours are roe deer and squirrels, and the silence and melody of branches and leaves are the stars of the show. 


Here are a few more reasons to book now:

- We are 15 km from Parma, set amidst Parma’s gentle hills in the heart of the Food Valley, where all the taste and aroma of cured Prosciutto di Parma, ham, Salame di Felino salami and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese reign supreme. .

- The vineyards that produce excellent Malvasia lie a stone’s throw away. Nor are we far from the PDO cep mushrooms of Borgotaro, Fragno’s black truffle, cooked shoulder of ham or Spalla Cotta from San Secondo and Culatello made in Zibello.

For a holiday dedicated to sport and art, our b&b is located near Golf Club di Sala Baganza, the car racing circuit at Autodromo di Varano and all the Castles of rhe duchy Parma and Piacenza.

- Relaxing here includes taking walks in the park of the "Boschi di Carrega" forests, bicycle tours, the chance to unwind in the embrace of a hammock, natural cookery courses and yoga, barefooting in the forest and many other ways to enjoy a peaceful experience. 


Via Capanna, 18, 43038 Sala Baganza (PR) Italy

Tel. + 39 0521336376    + 39 3358388895

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