Via Capanna 18
43038, Boschi di Carrega, Sala Baganza (PR)
Tel.: + 39 3358388895  0521336376

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An eco-friendly Bed and Breakfast

To be in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment – the first protected Park in Emilia Romagna – the house was restructured according to the criteria of bio building and energy saving. The materials used for the furniture and for construction were local wood and the stone of the Alto Adige region, silver quartzite.
The “no waste” rule – By making the most of the life cycle of the products, we have given second hand objects and production waste a new function and a high-level aesthetic. Thus unmatched drawers have taken on new life by becoming book shelves, the door of an old wardrobe today is now a bathroom mirror, and part of a discarded blackboard serves as the front panel of the stove hood…
Welcome, kids! – Kids are welcome to the B&B. Young guests can swing in the hammock, play in the garden, or go walking or biking along the wood paths. Walkie Talkies are available for the more adventurous ones. 
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