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At the “Il Richiamo del Bosco” B&B you can stay in one of three rooms. In each one, the window frames a view of nature that changes from one day to the next.

All of the rooms are furnished according to a philosophy of avoiding waste, making the most of a product’s life-cycle to reduce pollution and, above all, reinterpreting abandoned objects and making them into something better. From owner Carla Soffritti’s vision, with the help of  Alessandro Mora 

creative skill and handiwork, unique furniture are (re)born in a distinct decor.

What was once the door of an old armoire is now a bathroom mirror. Mismatched drawers abandoned in a corner have been given new life as a bookcase. An old chalkboard has found a new purpose as a range hood. Wine crates have been transformed into a cabinet over the bathroom sink. The living room table, over three metres long, is made from  scaffolding boards.

Finding unforeseen functions for discarded objects is basically a way of giving us a second chance to enjoy them. Probably even more. 

Out of the three rooms, only one - “Hoopoe” - has an ensuite bathroom. The others - “Squirrel” (slightly smaller) and “Deer” - have their own bathrooms, but not attached to the rooms.

All the rooms have a TV, hair dryer, complimentary toiletries, comfortable slippers and bathrobes, which more or less the “official uniform” for coming down for breakfast. We see this as a sign that we have achieved our goal: to make our guests really feel at home.

The hammocks in the garden, the trampoline for the kids and the deckchairs are available for use. And if you manage to win over our daughter Sofia, you can ask her to show her treehouse. ​


Whi book a holiday with us?

AUTHENTICITY. For breakfast, we offer a rich variety of local, preferably organic products.  We also serve a vegan breakfast on request. Complimentary refreshments, usually homemade cake and infusions of our own natural herb teas are always available.

HOSPITALITY. Never formal. Ours is an extended home: we see ourselves as hosting friends with whom we share experiences.

VIEW. Look out over the beauty of nature from your bedroom window.

FREEDOM. All of our guests have free access to the Park, the garden, the hammocks and the deckchairs. They are also free to go about the house in their robes and bare feet, because walking barefoot on stone and wooden floors is a unique sensation we wouldn’t want to deny anyone.



Via Capanna, 18, 43038 Sala Baganza (PR) Italy

Tel. + 39 0521336376     + 39 3358388895​ 

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